What is How to Know Nothing?

Excellent question. This newsletter is a monthly(ish) collection of music recommendations, short film selections, links to articles on a range of topics, plus my own thoughts on what ties it all together. Ideally you’ll get turned onto some ideas and art that you might not have uncovered otherwise.

Will it change your life? Absolutely not. Will it improve your day? Maybe. It’s ideally coming from a place of curiousity, compassion and enthusiasm, so if you want a little more of those qualities in your life, maybe that’s reason enough.

OK, but why the name?

I find that the world in general and art in particular is better enjoyed as a question than as an answer. Knowing nothing means approaching things with a baseline assumption that you could be wrong: about where a movie is going, about what someone’s intentions really were, or about how the world works.

Will this Substack talk about those ideas? I really don’t know yet. It depends what feels right. But it needed a name, so here we are.